Last week I was asked to come paint during the Savor The Summit event on Main Street on Saturday. Something like in its third year running, this annual event has turned huge and amazing. The whole of Main Street is lined with tables, linens, stemware, fabulously dressed Parkites and the most delectable food. Next to Sundance, this is now one of the biggest events of the year for Park City. And I was honored to be a part of it and paint the scene at Chimayo.

The Bill White Restaurant group is not only known for is spectacular cuisine, but also its decor and style. Both Chimayo (southwestern-ish) and Wahso (asian) hosted tables at this year's event and by far they blew every other restaurant out of the water. Their tables were more like outdoor restaurants complete with lounges, bars, bands, cushy furniture and even blankets for when it chilled down after the sun went behind the mountains. Believe me when I say this - they were beautifully set-up.

To be honest, it was almost overload for me deciding what to paint. There were so many great scenes and colors that it was hard to focus in on one in order to capture the evening. In the interest of time, I went with a straight on scene facing the storefront of Chimayo. That way I could capture both the table, the decorations, the bar and the backdrop of the red brick building.

While I definitely feel like I have a long way to go in painting and the vision in my head doesn't quite end up on the canvas, I'm pleased with the result. I definitely feel like I captured the bright colors, the feeling of joy in the air, the liveliness the exuded from every single person and even a touch of the food and drink. As Chimayo's theme was "Chimayo by the Sea", I named the painting, "Savor The Sea".

Friends visited to check on my work, offer words of encouragement and stuff my face with tasty treats and drinks. Thank you to my husband/assistant who kept me fed and hydrated. Special thanks to Mary Potts Olson for asking me to join and also to Joy McManaman who thankfully agreed to paint down at Wahso. I hope I get a chance to participate again next year.