An Island of Clarity In A Sea Of Sadness, August 2011
So excited for today - I've got a brand new series headed to Gallery Mar. It's been a lot longer coming than I would have liked it to have been. You know... I had a busy winter/spring. Also, it was a really long winter and it weighed on me. I love snow, but I love summer too and waiting for the melt to finally happen screws with your mind and your body.

My new series, "The Heavy Effects Of A Never Ending Winter," is an exploration of this short period in my life. On one hand the paintings reflect how dark and heavy winter and spring can sometimes be (in a very literal way). But, there is also a great appreciation for the snow and rain and for what it eventually brought. I could go on more, but maybe it's just better if you saw them for yourself. On display starting today at Gallery Mar on Main Street in Park City.