Phew. Last week, I completed 9 paintings - 4 encaustic and 5 in plein air. I haven't picked a brush up all week. I competed in both the Wasatch Plein Air Paradise festival in Midway and I painted out at Glenwild Country Club for their annual member's golf tournament. I've really only been painting en plein air for a year now, so I still feel like a total newbie, but it was a fun experience and a good excuse to do so many paintings.

I paint in plein air mostly for the excuse to be outside, but it's also a great way to practice. I met a ton of other artists during the week and got a lot of great tips and advise. One of the artists, George Handrahan, told me that he paints in plein air because it's really good training. Being outdoors, he said, "hones your skills". It's harder to paint out in the elements, with the wind blowing, the light shifting and the other distractions that when you get back in your studio, it's so much easier.

Meeting so many talented artists and seeing their amazing works left me feeling a bit sheepish to be honest, so I have to keep reminding myself that I'm still really new at all this. So the practice is the important part - doing is the key, not the finished product. I may not have the skill that I would like to have, but maybe some day I will. But I really did enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors with a brush in my hand and trying to figure out how to take what I see and put it into a two-dimensional space.

Also. Trees are really flipping hard. Mountains are much easier.

I was really pleased with the paintings I did for Glenwild and I was happy they both sold. I also exhibited three paintings down in Midway until the 4th. None of them sold, but I was still honored to show amongst so many talented artists.