Yesterday I had the great pleasure of a visit from the smart and beautiful ladies at Gallery MAR who do such an amazing job representing me. Winter seems to be starting a bit early, so there was about seven inches of snow to contend with to get up to the studio, but it gave them a good idea about what life is like up here and how incredibly beautiful it is. After showing them our little cabin, we dived into the studio and I explained my process so they'll all be well versed for my upcoming 'Yonder' show at the end of November.

My process to create my atmospheric landscapes begins with a hike, a drive, a climbing trip or a day of skiing. I snap as many pictures as I can and from there the best make their way to Instagram or get stored away in my files for future use. After choosing a scene, I sketch it out and make a plan. For my paintings to work, I have to know what each layer is going to be starting with the sky and working forward to create the final image. This is where my analytical side takes over and controls the process.

After making a plan, I begin painting on a wood panel that my husband has built for me. I start off with straight beeswax and then begin putting in the sky and fusing the pigment stick into the wax. Afterwards I layer milk paint scenes with encaustic and build up the landscape. Sometimes the painting deviates from the original plan, but they turn out best when I follow the steps I outlined in my sketchbook.

Thanks ladies for coming up! I enjoyed sharing our little world with you! You can see more pictures here on Gallery MAR's facebook page.

Images ©Gallery MAR