'Transition' 36 x 54 in; November 2013
Today my new exhibition, 'Yonder' opens at Gallery MAR here in Park City. The landscape exhibition features myself along with Andrzej Skorut and Warren Neary. I am grateful to be included with such wonderful landscape artists and to be able to share my vision of the world with you all. I've been working hard these last few months on a lot of paintings, 18 in total for this show and I'm proud of the growth I've achieved and this transition into a more full-time artistic career. While the title of the show is 'Yonder', I focussed my works around the theme of 'Transition', for which this painting above is titled.

'Change in the Air' 23 x 23 in; October 2013
I decided on the theme of 'Transition' back in August, just before I began working on this collection of 18 paintings. Over the summer, I made a larger commitment to myself and my artwork with the goal of moving towards being a full-time studio artist. Rather than worry about money, security, stability like I so often did, I wanted to focus on the positive, finding peace and calm and let the benefits come from that new state of mind. Obviously, that is all easier said than done, but I am finding that with increased positivity, less worrying, and enjoying the present more, good is happening all around. This positive feedback loop is truly incredible once you get in it.

'Manifest' 20 x 47 in; October 2013
So as I was opening up, manifesting what I wanted to happen, the universe was returning good things to me and in August, I was accepted into another gallery - this time in Durango, CO at Diane West Art. With another gallery representing me, I had even more reason to be in the studio. So this latest body of work is an exploration of that transition and me figuring out what it takes to be in the studio regularly, create more work, delve deeper into my process and see where it gets me. I cut back on writing a bit, started my day off in the studio rather than on the computer, and placed a priority on art.

'Seasonal Shift' 20 x 20 in; September 2013
Coupled with my transition into a more full-time art world, the seasons changed. Up here at 8,600 sq ft at our cabin, the seasonal shift comes early with temps dipping lower and lower each day starting at the beginning of September. The changing leaves is a dramatic event that is at once startling beautiful and slowly evolving. Every day the color creeps from green to yellow, to gold, orange, purple and even reds, until the wind blows the leaves from the trees and we move into a world of blue, white, gray and brown.

'Living in the Clouds' 28 x 28 in; October 2013
In years past, I have dreaded the fall, shrink at the drop in temperatures, fight against the dwindling daylight and turn my nose up a snow forecasts. This year though, I was buoyed with a bit more grace and rather than miss the glorious summer days or dread the onslaught of winter, I aimed to enjoy each day for what it was. Some days were glorious with sunshine and I soaked it in, others were an explosion of color, some were quiet and still, while others blustery and bracing, or foggy and mysterious. Instead of each day being an unwanted change and step away from summer, they turned out to be a gift and gave me new perspective on my surrounding environment.

As a landscape painter, I continually look at the trees, the sky, the mountains, the flowers, and the clouds. I see many of the same things every day. I pass by the same trees on my hikes, run by the same rocks, drive around the same bends in the road and see the same vistas from my windows. But with the change in seasons comes a new outlook. Fog obscures a hill, sunlight highlights a ridge, rain shrouds the trees and snow blankets the meadows, which gives me a new way to see something that's always been there.

'Down the Mine Road', 36 x36 in; October 2013
The transition from summer to winter has been a welcome change and one that I tried to capture in my newest works. Change was explored through advancing storms, swirling fog or sunlight breaking through clouds, like a number of paintings depicting changing weather conditions. Sometimes the change is physical, like when I come down from the mountains into town, as seen in 'Down the Mine Road', which is the mid-way point between home and town for me. Changing leaf color was another way to show the fall season and I was grateful to spend time working on aspen groves and develop stronger techniques to depict this.

Change is constantly part of our lives and flux is something we must learn to deal with in order to be happy. Adaptation is one of our stronger abilities as humans and dealing with it gracefully is one of our greatest challenges. Enjoying each moment along the way is the best way I've found to do that.

'Yonder', the landscape exhibition opens at Gallery MAR on Friday, November 29th from 6-9pm. The show will be on display through mid-December.