I am thrilled to be included in a new exhibition in Miami at the SCOPE art fair this week. The exhibition was curated by Lori Zimmer of Art Nerd and sponsored by Quattlebaum Foretich Gallery. The project features over 50 artists who delivered a work whose only stipulation was that it come in a glass bottle. It's a little outside the boundaries of my normal encaustic work, but still is within the same vein that I draw inspiration from - nature. Knowing that the piece was headed to the beach, I wanted to send a bit of the forest, so I bottled up three pinecones and hope that whoever takes it home will appreciate the forest from which it comes.

My piece, which is titled 'Forest Starter' is an impossible bottle filled with three real pinecones. The bottle is topped off with a gorgeous wood stopper. I will take the secret of how I got the pinecones in the bottle to my grave, but just know that the bottle was not cut or altered in any way.

Message in a Bottle will be on display at SCOPE starting today, December 3rd through December 8th. If you are there, please go by and see the installation, which looks fantastic and is inspired by all things nautical. Based upon the sneak peak of the other pieces, there are some really fantastic and interesting ideas.  Some chose to create works on paper and roll them up inside, while others made the bottle into a message itself. I loved the neon piece by Esmeralda Kosmatoupoulos, and the coke bottles turned into baby bottles by Gif.

In my case, my piece is more like a seed vault that contains starters for a new forest. In case of fire, break glass.

 Detail of a pinecone inside the bottle

Lead Image by Beau Stanton, Message In A Bottle, Video still from video installation
Courtesy of Quattlebaum Foretich Gallery
Curated by Lori Zimmer of Art Nerd

Hosted by SCOPE