Right before Christmas, Matt and I hightailed it to Aspen to drop off a new collection of paintings to the Vickers Collection. Run by Matt Vickers, the Vickers Collection is now my third gallery with stores in both Aspen and in Vail. I am thrilled to be a part of the Vickers' new family and so excited to have an "excuse" to hang out in the Aspen area more often. Located right in downtown, historic Aspen, this lovely contemporary gallery has a really great collection of artists and a prime location.  Although it was a quick trip to drop off paintings and meet everyone at Vickers Collection, we had an amazing time.

Here's the drop off when I pulled all the paintings out to show the gallery what I brought them.

I completed six, brand new paintings based on the Aspen area and then brought a few more I thought they'd enjoy for a total of 10. 

We came back the next morning to say hi before we headed on our way. I was stoked to see they had already hung my paintings front and center. Looks good, no?

The gallery is set in an art courtyard with a number of other galleries right on Cooper Ave, which I think must be fate, considering our dog is named Cooper. I also love the courtyard because it's like one of my paintings right from here. Check out those snowy mountains in the background.

We stayed at the St. Moritz Lodge, an affordable hotel right in Aspen. While its certainly no high end, luxury hotel, it was comfortable, cute and gave us loads of free wine for our hot pool session. It's also within walking distance of Aspen Mountain and downtown.

From our hotel, we were also able to cross country ski (on the streets mind you) to groomed ski trails in town. I was really impressed with their network of trails and all their grooming. I'd say Aspen has Park City beat on the free groomed trails. Time to step it up Park City.

On our way out of town, we drove around and I took a ton of pictures. While many people would have preferred a nice, sunny day, I really dig the foggy, snowy ones. Much more inspiring if you ask me. It's much better for me to get a sense of the weather, how the clouds move and what it feels like to be there when it's nasty out. Makes for better paintings - in fact this picture above will likely become an encaustic painting.

If you're in Aspen or Vail, please be sure to stop by the Vickers Collection!