One reason to #ActOnClimate - our beloved Snowpack.

I love skiing and winter. But what I really love is snow, because it is so very critical to for our hydrology system, for irrigation, for drinking water, for the climate. The snowpack is basically a water storage system and what allows a good portion of the world to maintain a steady flow of water throughout the summer. Living in a ski town, I am very aware of what a reduced snowpack could do for our economy (as well as my fun factor), but on a global basis a reduced snowpack has huge ramifications - increased temps, unstable water storage, flooding, droughts and so much more. Let's save our snow by acting to reduce climate change. Take actions in your own home and be sure to contact your representatives to let them know your thoughts.

Image of the Pfeifferhorn in White Pine Canyon near Salt Lake City, UT @Bridgette Meinhold