Recycle Utah is an important facility for my artwork. I take all of my recycling there, we gather reclaimed wood there, and I pick up almost all of my shipping supplies from their collection. Without Recycle Utah, I would have to buy brand new wood and packing materials. They save me a lot of money, and they also do amazing work to recycle all of our crap. Because of that, I have donated a brand new large scale work to be auctioned off at their annual charity gala, the Aqua Affair, which will be held on Sunday, September 13th, 2015. My new piece, called 'Multiverse', is painted on a reclaimed door found at Recycle Utah and features three large blue watercolor orbs, which are then covered in wax. My husband Matt, built the beautiful frame out of more reclaimed wood.

If you want to help support our local recycling center here in Park City, please attend the gala and donate some money to this incredible organization. Find out more info here.

'Multiverse'; encaustic and watercolor; 72x24 in