Fall is nearing its end and winter will soon be upon us and so will my next show. Titled, "Timing Is Everything," my new body of work will be available at Gallery MAR here in Park City starting November 27th. These new 18 encaustic paintings explore how the right timing in our exploration of nature can affect our outlook. Nature is constantly in flux and one moment can seem completely different than the next depending on the light, weather and even our point of view. Through patience and a bit of serendipity, we can find new perspectives as the environment around us shifts and aligns to show us its majesty. 

This painting above is the show's title piece and was inspired by a day of backcountry skiing with my husband in the Central Wasatch mountains last winter. It was a beautiful day, the skiing was incredible and as we were hiking back up from an awesome run, I happened to look through these giant pines to see the sun through a veil of swirling crystals. It felt magical seeing that, being in that moment, standing in that particular spot - I felt I had been gifted that view by nature. That because I was outside, in the elements and enjoying them, nature responded with a beautiful sight just for me. 

I may have been the only one to see that exact thing and that view, but I know that everyone can experience similar moments by stepping outside and putting yourself in the elements. You may get a little wet or cold venturing outside sometimes, but you will always be rewarded.

For more information on new works available this November, please contact Gallery MAR.