Motherlode Photo Booth is the result of my work for the Chairs for Charity event hosted by Vail Resorts to raise funds for local Park City non-profits. I was asked by the Park City Community Foundation to transform one of the Motherlode chair lifts into a work of art. The revamped ski chair comes with a trunk full of vintage ski gear and a backdrop of Jupiter Peak. Visitors are encouraged to dress up in kooky ski gear and take pictures of their group sitting in the chair as a reminder of their time in Park City. Motherlode photo booth combines Park City locals’ love of dressing up with skiing, art and the mountains and encourages interaction amongst people.

The chair has been minimally altered to retain the original character of a chair lift, but has been repainted and outfitted with a new seat made from reclaimed fire hose that was decommissioned from the Park City Fire District, where Meinhold’s husband is a Captain. A framed watercolor inspired by Jupiter Peak is the basis for the 8x8 foot vinyl banner backdrop. The winner of the Motherlode Photo Booth will take home the chair and stand, the painted banner, the trunk full of ski gear, as well as the original watercolor by Bridgette Meinhold that the banner is based on. At home, the chair can be positioned anywhere indoors or outdoors with or without the accessories.

The chair with its reclaimed fire hose seat installed outside at the Kimball Art Center before the event began.

The winner of the Motherlode Photo Booth will also take home the original watercolor of Jupiter Peak that the background banner is based on.

Four race bibs from the 2014 FIS World Freestyle Competition in Park City signed by a slew of amazing athletes, most of whom are Olympic medalists. The winner of the chair will take these four bibs home along with other schwag from the 2015 Sochi Winter Olympics.