Encaustic Art in the 21st Centure

I am proud to announce my inclusion in the book Encaustic Art in the Twenty-First Century. This seems to me a pretty big deal to be included in the book alongside some amazing artists and especially the pioneers of the new encaustic movement in the last two decades. I am honored. Thank you to Anne Lee and E. Ashley Rooney for making this book and putting me in it! And its also pretty cool to have my profile shown as part of the look inside pages available online. Pick up your copy at your favorite book seller or Amazon.

Encaustic Art in the Twenty-First Century by Anne Lee & E. Ashley Rooney. 
Foreword by Kim Bernard, Afterword by Ellen Koment 

From beehive to hotplate to the artist’s hand, encaustic has evolved as a versatile medium applied to almost every artistic style. A long-overdue look at a newly popular art form, this book explores 79 North American artists’ feelings about their work in encaustic and how they use it to express their inner worlds and the world around them. Eight chapters organize the artists by geographical region and focus on how the heated beeswax and resin material is used to create seductive, skin-like surfaces and rich, layered membranes. More than 2,000 years old, this cross-disciplinary medium ranges from painting to sculpture, assemblage, collage, and printmaking and encourages risk-taking in a way that other materials do not. Its inherent contradictions–it can be hot or cold, malleable or solid, opaque or translucent, layered or thin, permanent or fragile–make it all the more fascinating.

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