As with every year for my show at Diane West Art, we take this time to go camping and biking. Durango melts out a little quicker than Park City and is usually a little bit warmer. With Moab right in between, we also like to take advantage of all that amazing outdoor goodness - like this bike ride here at the Bar M trails after it rained.

Or this fantastic hike at Fisher Towers in Castle Valley outside of Moab. Highly recommended.

Then there was camping in the rain in Castle Valley - a beautiful place.

Beautiful scenes driving through rainy SW Colorado, complete with bison.

Then there was this hike up Goulding Trail up the Animas Valley. It was steep up, but with a rewarding little valley and log cabin at the top. Plus we saw bear prints and missed seeing the bear by 2 min - or so we were told by other hikers.

This here is Hermosa Creek. We seem to end up here every time we go - whether for hiking, biking or camping.

And more of Hermosa creek looking down into the Animas River Valley. Thanks Durango for a great excuse to go camping!