This week I started working on my newest show, which will open the day after Thanksgiving at Gallery MAR here in Park City. I'll have 18 new paintings to share with you by the end of November, so I'll be here cranking away in the studio. After a great summer of playing, I am excited to be getting down to business. Follow along with my adventures over on Instagram if you're curious about more of the behind the scenes action, where I get my inspiration, and maybe even some sneak peaks of the work that will soon be available. The above watercolor is a study for a large diptych that I'm currently working on.

As for now, I think the show will be titled 'Stronger Together.' After my experiences at Legendeer this summer and working with so many fabulous artists, I've realized that being part of a community makes us better. The show is also an exploration of how, if we work together, just like the forests do, we will all be stronger and better off. That's it for now, I'll have more to share about that as the fall goes on and I get further into the work.