Recently I was given the opportunity to paint a 20 foot long mural inside of the Riverhorse on Main restaurant here in Park City, UT. Over three days before Thanksgiving 2016, I sketched out and painted this graphic black and white mural of pine trees heavy laden with snow. The mural is located inside the restaurant's lounge space as soon as you enter the upper dining area. I'm so pleased with the final results and hope that the folks over at Riverhorse enjoy having it as much as I loved painting it. Read on to see how this mural came about.

The idea for the mural originated with this small pen and ink sketch in my sketchbook. I was inspired by an old picture of mine and wanted to see if I could make a reasonable representation of pine trees with snow on them. I was happy with the results and was even more pleasantly surprised when I received a lot of likes when I posted this picture to Instagram. I kept thinking about the sketch and really wanted to see it on a large scale. What would it look like if it were BIG?

With the help of Maren Mullin and Gallery MAR here in Park City, we found a venue for the mural. Riverhorse on Main was excited to have me and my art and I was thrilled to be able to work in such an amazing space (and the food is even better!). This is a digital mockup of the room and how my pines would look.

Starting on Sunday, November 20th, I went to work. First I drew some reference lines on the wall, then projected my image and lined my grid up with the lines on the wall. From there I traced the white splotches so I knew where to paint. 

Then for the next two days I painted. And painted. And painted. It became meditative, which is how most of my work really is, even with my encaustic. It was fun for me to work in a new space as well as have people come by to visit and watch as I worked. My studio work is not much of a spectator sport, but mural making is and I think that might be good for me to get out.

photo by Riverhorse on Main
photo by Tanzi Propst at the Park Record

The completed mural and a selfie. In total the mural measures 20 feet long and 10 feet high in spots. I used regularly indoor latex paint and only painted the black. 

I love how the mural looks with the light fixture in this lounge space. I also think it would make for a great backdrop for pictures. If you go eat at the Riverhorse and take a photo, please tag me! I would love to see it. If you want to see me in action, check out this video.