I am thrilled to announce my latest collaboration in an effort to save Bonanza Flat. I've teamed up with Salt Lake-based gear company Prival to make these beautiful (super soft!) organic cotton tshirts featuring my own design. Working with Prival co-founder Tony Pavlantos and screen-printer extraordinare Nick Jones, we converted my artwork into beautiful cause-based tshirts. Tony had the vision, I created the artwork, and Nick turned it into a one-of-a-kind shirt. In fact each shirt is a piece of art in itself, because each screen print is totally unique. 

All the profits and my commission for the shirt are all being donated to help buy Bonanza Flat through June 14th! These organic tshirts are $35 each and are available in unisex and women's sizes through Prival's website.

The original artwork

The artwork transformed into a screen.

Picking colors

The first pull. Because we are using multiple colors, each pull creates a truly unique shirt. 
Each one is a piece of art.

Men's & Unisex

Ladies sizes too!

More info from Prival
The campaign to “Save Bonanza Flats” has been running for over six months now, and has displayed impressive support from the public. As the June 15th deadline approaches, we feel urged to put forth all possible efforts to make a final push toward the land purchase goal. In collaboration with local artists Bridgette Meinhold and Nick Jones, Prival Concepts is launching a USA-made, organic cotton t-shirt to benefit Bonanza Flats. The shirt features a beautiful image of aspen trees changing colors through the seasons in front of a sea of pines. Starting from a sketch to a watercolor painting in Bridgette Meinhold’s notebook, her artwork was then translated to a t-shirt image by screen printer Nick Jones. 

Each shirt features a unique palette of colors, as they are screen printed individually by hand. The inks used are water-based, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional inks. Even the screens themselves are more sustainable than the standard, as they feature aluminum frames and organic silk screens that can be recycled and composted at the end of their respective lives. To complement the eco-conscious screening process, we have sourced t-shirts that are made of organic cotton and made in the U.S.A.
Prival will donate all profits from the shirts, until June 15th, to the Bonanza Flats effort. In addition, Bridgette Meinhold has agreed to donate all of her artist commission proceeds until June 15th. We truly believe in the importance of public lands, and hope to make an impact with this collaboration.

Images courtesy of Prival and Mark Long