Last week, Gale Straub of the She Explores Podcast interviewed me about my art and how I'm doing everything I can to save Bonanza Flats. I listen to the She Explores Podcast on the regular and really enjoy the stories of women getting out in nature, building companies, learning about themselves and how the outdoors is such an integral part of their lives. The outdoors is critical for my life as is my backyard, Bonanza Flats. I really loved how Gale took my hour long ramblings from the interview and turned it into a succinct and compelling story - heck even I was impressed with myself after she spun her magic. I'm super excited to share my story about how I'm saving land with art. Give it a listen and please, donate to save Bonanza Flat. Subscribe to the She Explores Podcast via iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher, or listen directly from the website