Last weekend we went camping in the City of Rocks, Idaho. It is one of my favorite places in the world. I am secretly torn between telling you about this magical place and not, because part of me wants to keep it like this forever and not let it get popular. But I also want to share this sketchbook painting of it with you, so now it's too late and you already know about it. If you go, tell 'em I sent you.

I did this painting over the course of two mornings. I made myself get out of the cozy confines of our camper bed, crawl over my dreamy sleepy husband, forsake my morning tea, to go sit on a hard rock for an hour and a half to draw and then paint. Oh the sacrifices we make to be artists! No but seriously, my butt really hurt afterwards, because I was sitting funny for a while on a hard rock.

Here's the pen drawing after day 1 of my session. When I started, I thought, oh I'll get this done in a day, no problem! Nope. When you have to draw that many rocks, you should expect it to take awhile. And I didn't even draw all the rocks.

Please note: This drawing is not at all accurate and should not be used in any shape or form as a route finding map or guide to clime rocks. Rock climbing is inherently dangerous, just fyi. It's also super fun.

And here's the view without my drawing mucking it up. Isn't it glorious?!?!?