I made myself a labyrinth with snow shoes in the meadow this afternoon. It's about 50 feet across and it took me about a half hour to walk it into the center and back out. My path is not perfectly circle and you might get lost if you try it yourself, because there are puppy tracks that weave in and out of it, and I didn't always walk straight, so it might be a little confusing. And while it's a little lopsided, overall it has good shape and purpose. Getting to the center feels like an accomplishment, but honestly the best part is just walking around. And the views from any vantage are pretty stellar. Frankly, it's the coolest thing I've made all year and a good reminder that though my path is sometimes wonky, it's my path all the same and I'm pretty stoked to be walking it, or stomping it out in snow shoes as the case may be.