Not only did I spend the weekend with some of my favorite ladies in the world, I also got to paint outside. It was a short session - not only was it hot, but I didn't want to hold up the group. I quickly ate lunch so I could paint these amazing fins in Arches National Park. Luckily for me, I watched the group head off in the wrong direction before they course corrected, which gave me an extra 5 minutes to paint. 
Then I packed up my gear and ran off on the trail to catch up with them. I was on fire soul-wise. Painting outdoors lights me up and I was on cloud nine after this session. It was so wonderful to spend 20 minutes with these amazing natural features and observe them more directly. Appreciation through art gives me a better understanding of how something works and what it is. When I walk away from a session like this, I feel so connected to the natural world. I plan to finish this sketchbook painting with some additional linework before I call it done.