It was such a treat to get this picture of one of my latest commissions hung in it's new home. It's a bit out of my normal wheelhouse, but yet still what I paint - trees and mountains. This painting was created for a lovely couple who fell in love with a watercolor I painted when we were in Kauai last April. It was right after the floods in Hanalei and the storm hadn't quite dissipated and was still in fact raining high up. It was a powerful place and all we could do was just sit and watch it, basking in its energy. Watching the clouds, the waterfalls, the trees blowing in the wind, this place was a reminder to just sit and be present. We were on vacation after all, and there was nothing more to do than just enjoy. I imagine it was something similar for the couple who now have this painting above their bed. They went to Hanalei for their honeymoon, and sat in the same place that I did, relishing in each other and this stunning place.

Big thanks to Bolam Gallery for arranging this super special commission!