DOWN DESO is now available for Pre-Order until October 14th for $30, plus free shipping. The self-published book is about my emotional journey rafting down the Green River through Desolation Canyon in Utah when I determined that I wanted to be an artist. Get your pre-order now!

Back in 2014, I was working as a writer for various websites with a focus on sustainable design, green building, and eco fashion. I had written a book about sustainable architecture as well, but I was getting burnt out and unsure of my path forward. Mostly, I needed a break and a chance to step away from the computer. This seven day volunteer trip with the BLM afforded me some precious time to break away from the always on, digitally-connected life and spend some time in nature. 

The seven day trip is recounted through journal entries, drawings, and paintings that tell the story of my time on the river, the adventures we had, as well as my thoughts and feelings about where I stood in life and the hopes and dreams I held for the future. 

As we rafted down the Green River we assisted in river clean up, interacted with other boaters, and checked on historically significant archaeological sites to ensure their protection. We encountered swarms of bugs, drenching rain storms, wild horses, bears, heat and dehydration, but also night skies filled with stars, crystal-clear swimming holes, awe-inspiring vistas and camaraderie that only develops from time spent outdoors.

The trip gave me time to pause & reflect, but also time to think about nothing at all. This rejuvenation of the mind and body gave me clarity to realize that what I really wanted to do was to be an artist and allowed me the courage to make that commitment. 

The 110 page full-color book measures 8.5" tall by 5.5" wide with a black cover and silver foil stamping. Pre-Order price is listed as $30 (SHIPPING INCLUDED!) until October 14th, 2018 and afterwards the price will be $38 with free shipping. Orders will ship by November 12th.

*Please note: the images used to promote the book are from the printer's proof, which is an unbound copy without a cover. Your book will be bound and have a sweet cover with foil stamping.