Backcountry - my new show, opens November 23rd at Gallery MAR in Park City, UT. Through 16 new paintings, the show tells a story of a day in the backcountry. Being outside for long stretches of time in the mountains can showcase all kinds of weather, light, and views. Traveling up mountain drainages, up over passes, summiting peaks, and descending slopes provides a variety of perspectives and an intimate conversation with the landscape. It is through these intimate connections I have while spending time outdoors that I develop my perspective and find inspiration.

The entire show is based upon a day of backcountry skiing in the Wasatch Range. All these views are real and based on real places as seen by myself while out touring. Each view is part of a larger story and each painting shows an element of the day. It is left to the viewer to determine the order or the paintings and what I was doing when I saw the view. 

Those people who have spent long days out hiking or touring understand the highs and lows of time spent outdoors. Sometimes you just have put your head down and trudge uphill. When you reach the peak, you relish in your achievement, and then on the downhill you surrender to the sweetness. There are moments of hunger, wonder, awe, exhaustion, annoyance, exhilaration, fear. Sometimes you have imaginary fights in your own head, other times you zone out and focus on your breath and still others, you laugh and chat with your companions. The space of a day outdoors allows for all of that and more and I attempted to capture that in these 16 new encaustic paintings.

All images are by JP Gendron