14 years ago, Matt brought me to his cabin for the first time. It was a beautiful, clear night with a sky full of stars and a bright moon. We had only been dating a few weeks, but I hadn't yet met his dog and I hadn't seen this house that he snowmobiled home to every night. Growing up in Oklahoma, it was hard for me to imagine what it must be like living in a place that gets so much snow, you can't plow. He had described it to me - how he parked his car alongside his neighbors, hopped on his snowmobile, went over a ridge, and then when he passed a certain telephone pole, he cut right and aimed towards his a-frame cabin. When he got home, his dog Riley would be outside waiting for him and would sing and dance for him.

The night he brought me to his cabin, I dressed in my ski pants and coat, wore my heavy winter boots, donned a beanie, goggles and gloves. I had no idea where we were going, no idea if my cell phone would work, no concept of how to leave if he turned out to be a psycho - I had to completely trust this man. And I did. It occurs to me now that maybe I should have been more cautious, but there really was no reason for me to be worried. I trusted Matt implicitly, even from the very beginning.

Being winter, the sun set early and the moon was up and shining brightly as we made our way to the snowmobile. It was also my first time on a snowmobile. We got on and I put my arms around his waist and we took off, racing up the hillside, cold but on fire too. As we crested the hill, Matt slowed to a stop and turned the machine off. Spread out below me lit up by the moon was this glorious view of the valley and the mountains. My heart stopped, I forgot to breathe and I choked on my tongue. Matt proudly pointed out the neighborhood, where his house was, the names of the peaks, and where he was going to take me hiking the next day.

Ask me if I believe in love at first sight and I will tell you unequivocally, yes. The instant I saw these mountains, I fell head over heels for them. Luckily I was already sitting down, or I might have fallen, bowled over by their beauty. I was utterly enchanted and forever changed.