Thank you Jackson! What an incredible week painting, skiing, and exploring. My mini residency was a blast and I cannot wait to come back this summer to do it again and hopefully teach a workshop! I got out of the comfort of my home studio and found that I could do encaustic painting anywhere and in front of people. I skied all over the valley - downhill, cross country and backcountry. I got to paint outside and play with some new ideas. We went to a gala at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Plus I got to know the wonderful people at Gallery Wild and see them move into their new gorgeous space. Thank you to gallery manager, Jenny for hosting us and letting us take over your house for a week. And thank you to Carrie Wild for inviting me out, and giving me the space to paint.

There are 4 brand new paintings available in Gallery Wild now, including this painting "Furtive Glance" a 30x40 encaustic. For more info, please contact 
Gallery Wild