Last year I was selected as one of the artists to have their work featured on a utility box in Park City as part of the EmPOWERment Public Art Utility Box Project. The project's theme was centered around sustainability and reducing one's carbon footprint. I chose to paint a watercolor image of our mountains, which serve as the source of all our water. My artwork can be found at the corner of Kearns and Sidewinder in Park City, Utah in front of the Intermountain Park City InstaCare building.

From my proposal: 

Park City sits at the top of our watershed, a prized position in such an arid state as Utah and also compared to the rest of the West. Our source of water relies heavily then on our snowpack, which acts as a storage vessel for this precious resource. Some years we have average snowpacks, others above average and then some also far below, but with climate change we can expect that the snowpack will decrease. As a result, we will have a more challenging task of managing and protecting our resource. We must remember in the battle against climate change, our biggest fight locally here in Park City will be to protect our water resource.

“Fountainhead” shows our snowpack in all its glory with our mountains fully stocked with
snow and more falling down. This is our ideal – above average snowfall provides us with
enough water for the rest of the year, not to mention plenty of opportunity for recreation that drives our winter economy. Plentiful snow in the winter fills our reservoirs and also reduces the chance of wildfire in the summer. By showing that ideal water source, it will serve as a reminder for us to do our part to work towards greater sustainability. Our snowpack is symbol of our environment here in Park City and a reminder that we are all working together – both humans and the environment to make our world better.