Announcing my new ornaments are now for sale! These holiday ornaments are hand-painted on aspen wood rounds and then covered with a thin layer of encaustic (beeswax). Each ornament is completely unique and roughly 3.5x3.5 inches in size and about 1/4 inch thick. The sale os these ornaments is a way to raise money to plant trees in our forests and help combat change.

Head over to my shop to purchase your ornaments and help me raise money to plant trees!

Again, each ornament is totally unique - some very round, some oblong, some a little skinnier and some a little squatter. Each one is painted with a unique series of three layers of trees.

Along with the ornament, I will be donating money to the National Forest Foundation to plant 5 trees for every ornament sold. Right now is the most important time to plant trees to help offset the effects of climate change as a way to sequester carbon dioxide. The whole point of these ornaments is to actually to raise funds for this tree planting effort. The National Forest Foundation and many other tree planting organizations are running campaigns to plants millions of trees. I chose the National Forest Foundation for this project, because they are working to replant and revitalize our National Forests within the US which have been damaged due to wildfire, invasive species, beetle kill and overuse. This reforestation within our own country is critically important, just as all reforestation is around the world. As I live in the West, and spend a lot of time in our national forests, I wanted to give back to them.

To learn more about the importance of protecting our forests, reforestation, and tree planting, please check out the following links: