Under the Same Sky, 2016
Art is equal parts adventure, experiment, release and retrospection. Every day is an adventure to find new worlds and experience new sensations. Each painting is a series of experiments to get closer and closer to capturing a memory, a sensation or a thrilling moment. A day in the studio is time well spent and a release for my mind, body and my soul. Moments are measured in brush strokes and memories are relived through expression. My art is an expression of my time spent outdoors, enjoying the landscape, playing in the mountains and my connection to nature.


Under Their Protection, 2017, photo JP Gendron
I work with encaustic, milk paint, pencil, oil and watercolor. I draw inspiration from drifting clouds, mountains, trees, the atmosphere, and inclement weather. My trusty phone is always in use to take pictures and Instagram is quite handy to compose potential paintings on the fly. Encaustic acts the part of the atmosphere, creating depth, space and even time in which to create my ethereal landscapes. I work from memory and my own photographs and use encaustic as a way to capture and preserve those moments. And just like my memory, the re-creation is not picture perfect - it is hazy, saturated, and highlighted in the way that I can best recall.

Painting en plein aire, photo by Claire Wiley
A selection of my work is available on this site. For a quick tour of my studio, check out my profile on Utah's 15 Bytes. And to learn more about my participation in shows, exhibits and my other art-related activities, please refer to my experience.

Learn more about my art through this video about my 2016 solo show, "Forging Ahead" and through Visit Park City's My Town series.


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