Last week, Gale Straub of the She Explores Podcast interviewed me about my art and how I'm doing everything I can to save Bonanza Flats. I listen to the She Explores Podcast on the regular and really enjoy the stories of women getting out in nature, building companies, learning about themselves and how the outdoors is such an integral part of their lives. The outdoors is critical for my life as is my backyard, Bonanza Flats. I really loved how Gale took my hour long ramblings from the interview and turned it into a succinct and compelling story - heck even I was impressed with myself after she spun her magic. I'm super excited to share my story about how I'm saving land with art. Give it a listen and please, donate to save Bonanza Flat. Subscribe to the She Explores Podcast via iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher, or listen directly from the website
Last weekend we went camping in the City of Rocks, Idaho. It is one of my favorite places in the world. I am secretly torn between telling you about this magical place and not, because part of me wants to keep it like this forever and not let it get popular. But I also want to share this sketchbook painting of it with you, so now it's too late and you already know about it. If you go, tell 'em I sent you.

I did this painting over the course of two mornings. I made myself get out of the cozy confines of our camper bed, crawl over my dreamy sleepy husband, forsake my morning tea, to go sit on a hard rock for an hour and a half to draw and then paint. Oh the sacrifices we make to be artists! No but seriously, my butt really hurt afterwards, because I was sitting funny for a while on a hard rock.

Here's the pen drawing after day 1 of my session. When I started, I thought, oh I'll get this done in a day, no problem! Nope. When you have to draw that many rocks, you should expect it to take awhile. And I didn't even draw all the rocks.

Please note: This drawing is not at all accurate and should not be used in any shape or form as a route finding map or guide to clime rocks. Rock climbing is inherently dangerous, just fyi. It's also super fun.

And here's the view without my drawing mucking it up. Isn't it glorious?!?!?

I am thrilled to announce my latest collaboration in an effort to save Bonanza Flat. I've teamed up with Salt Lake-based gear company Prival to make these beautiful (super soft!) organic cotton tshirts featuring my own design. Working with Prival co-founder Tony Pavlantos and screen-printer extraordinare Nick Jones, we converted my artwork into beautiful cause-based tshirts. Tony had the vision, I created the artwork, and Nick turned it into a one-of-a-kind shirt. In fact each shirt is a piece of art in itself, because each screen print is totally unique. 

All the profits and my commission for the shirt are all being donated to help buy Bonanza Flat through June 14th! These organic tshirts are $35 each and are available in unisex and women's sizes through Prival's website.

The original artwork

The artwork transformed into a screen.

Picking colors

The first pull. Because we are using multiple colors, each pull creates a truly unique shirt. 
Each one is a piece of art.

Men's & Unisex

Ladies sizes too!

More info from Prival
The campaign to “Save Bonanza Flats” has been running for over six months now, and has displayed impressive support from the public. As the June 15th deadline approaches, we feel urged to put forth all possible efforts to make a final push toward the land purchase goal. In collaboration with local artists Bridgette Meinhold and Nick Jones, Prival Concepts is launching a USA-made, organic cotton t-shirt to benefit Bonanza Flats. The shirt features a beautiful image of aspen trees changing colors through the seasons in front of a sea of pines. Starting from a sketch to a watercolor painting in Bridgette Meinhold’s notebook, her artwork was then translated to a t-shirt image by screen printer Nick Jones. 

Each shirt features a unique palette of colors, as they are screen printed individually by hand. The inks used are water-based, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional inks. Even the screens themselves are more sustainable than the standard, as they feature aluminum frames and organic silk screens that can be recycled and composted at the end of their respective lives. To complement the eco-conscious screening process, we have sourced t-shirts that are made of organic cotton and made in the U.S.A.
Prival will donate all profits from the shirts, until June 15th, to the Bonanza Flats effort. In addition, Bridgette Meinhold has agreed to donate all of her artist commission proceeds until June 15th. We truly believe in the importance of public lands, and hope to make an impact with this collaboration.

Images courtesy of Prival and Mark Long
I am half way through my 100 Imagined Landscapes. Thank you all so much for the support and encouragement. At this point it feels like a natural extension of me to paint every day. My life didn't use to be like this. I used to only paint when I was inspired or had "something" to paint or create. And now I paint as though it were an extension of understanding. Seriously though, I love how my brain is working right now.
As a reminder, all of these watercolors are for sale through my Etsy shop. Watercolors are $40 each with all the proceeds going to help save Bonanza Flat.

Big thanks again to Diane West Art for an amazing show and Gallery Walk in Durango on May 12th. We drove out 10 new paintings for the show after snowmobiling them from the cabin and we were greeted by a lovely crowd out enjoying a perfect Durango evening. If you are in SW Colorado this summer, please stop by the gallery to see the new paintings for yourself in person.

My new show at Diane West Art opens in Durango, CO. We're having a reception during Gallery Walk from 5-8 and Matt and I will be there. Please stop by and say hi! I brought 10 new encaustic paintings with me and they were all snowmobiled out from our cabin and studio in Park City (we still have 4 feet of snow on the ground). This painting is called "On the Horizon" and is a 24x40 inches. For more info contact Diane West Art.

It's spring here in the Wasatch Mountains - finally! The mountain tops still have snow and our cabin still has a lot of snow, but town is beautiful and green. This watercolor for my #100ImaginedLandscapes was inspired by a hike in town with a dear friend. All proceeds of my watercolor sales right now are going to help Save Bonanza Flats. Find my available watercolors for sale over at my Etsy page - BridgetteMeinholdArt.Etsy.Com - they are only $40 each and all the money goes to help save this beautiful bit of open space. 

"Listen Closely"
28 x 28 in; May 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Diane West Art
"Strength in Numbers"
20 x 30 in; May 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Diane West Art
It's shoulder season here in Park City - a lovely, quiet time after the bustle of the ski season and before the energy of summer. Which means it's a perfect time to visit your favorite stores on Main street, especially the galleries. The lovely ladies at Gallery MAR would love to spend time with you to find the perfect piece of art for your home.
"An Understanding"
15 x 22 in; April 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Diane West Art
30 x 18 in; April 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Diane West Art
Spent some time finishing up the drawing I started while in Grand Staircase on our hike from Sunday. This is a view down into Buckskin Wash as it cuts deep into the desert leading to the Paria River and eventually the Colorado. I only had time to do a pen drawing while out on site. When we returned to our campsite, I added the watercolors, which magically turned it into a Technicolor dream. The desert certainly was in bloom and was about as colorful as it gets, so I guess my memory of it translated into bright poppy colors in my sketchbook.

Day 6 of 100 Imagined Landscapes #100ImaginedLandscapes. This was inspired by our drive south from Park City to St. George. Mountain tops are still covered in snow, but the valleys are brilliant and green. Already at Day 6, I am learning so much. Just think what I'll be able to do at day 100.

Solitude's Kim Mayhew and Deer Valley's Bob Wheaton presented a check to Utah Open Lands for $10,500 to help purchase Bonanza Flats in exchange for one of my paintings! The painting was hung just in time for closing weekend on April 7th, 2017 at Solitude Ski Resort in the Roundhouse, an on mountain restaurant and day lodge. Huge thanks to Wendy Fischer at Utah Open Lands, Maren Mullin at Gallery MARas well as Solitude Ski ResortDeer Valley Ski Resort for making this happen. I couldn't be more honored to have my art on one of the walls at Solitude and even more grateful for the resorts' contribution to save my back yard from development. Also it just proves that art really can save the world. 

This along with the other encaustic and watercolor paintings I've sold have raised $22,000 for Bonanza Flats. In addition, I am selling small watercolors through my Etsy shop until June 10th with all the proceeds going to Bonanza Flats. 

Images courtesy of Solitude Ski resort

"An Invitation"
38 x 20 in; April 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
47 x 21 in; April 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Diane West Art

This is my latest encaustic painting, "The Protectors" and I am thrilled with it, it's new home, and the story behind how it all happened. Debuting this week, this mammoth painting will be unveiled at Solitude Ski Resort. Bob Wheaton of Deer Valley and Solitude asked me to paint this special commission with the full proceeds of the painting's sale go to help save Bonanza Flats. We designed it specifically to fit in the Roundhouse at Solitude where it will live and remind us all of the importance of open space. I am so grateful for the incredible support of the amazing people at Solitude who made this happen - both for their support of my art and for protecting open space. Special thanks also to Gallery MAR and Utah Open Lands for their help. SO, if you're headed to Solitude for closing weekend head up to the Roundhouse to check this guy out. 

Starting this Tuesday, April 4th, I'll be participating in#The100DayProject where I will be doing a new watercolor every day for 100 days. You can participate too - all you need to do is to commit to a creative act for 100 days and share with us on Instagram - it can be writing, photography, dance, poetry, knitting, anything that you're curious about. This year, my aim is to paint 100 imagined landscapes, places I've dreamed of in my head as a way to explore imagination, work on my watercolor skills, and see what I might come up with. I'm really excited about this project and hope you'll follow along with me at my special hashtag #100ImaginedLandscapes.

PLUS, I will actually be selling all these watercolors as a way to raise money for Bonanza Flats. I'm setting up an Etsy shop where you will be able to find all of the watercolors available for purchase. And all of the proceeds up until June 10th will go to Save Bonanza Flats.

The watercolor shown here is one I did last fall and still haunts me to this day. It came from a place of emotion and magic, rather than just trying to copy a landscape. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find a bit of that magic again in the next 100 days. I will warn you, some of them might be blah or even just so-so. As with any creative experiment, there are bound to be some duds, but my goal is to faithfully post even the crappy ones and not pass judgement on them. *Please note - this watercolor is not for sale, nor will it be as it is in my sketchbook*

Alright, so if you want to learn more about The 100 Day project, head over to, follow along with the hashtag to see what everyone else is doing and help keep me motivated over the next 100 days.

"Be Gentle"
23 x 23 in; March 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Diane West Art
"On The Horizon
25 x 40 in; March 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Diane West Art
Cooper and I went to the desert to hang out in the sun, go hiking and paint in my new studio. It was a great few days. It's hard to leave the desert when its as perfect as it was. At the top of my hike up the Anasazi Trail outside of St. George, I sat on the cliff and painted this as the sun set. I added a few more details once I got home into my studio.
26 x 60 in; March 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Diane West Art
"Flow State"
34 x 47 in; March 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint