photo JP Gendron, Mars Ramp Productions
In an effort to help raise more funds to Save Bonanza Flats, I am auctioning off a new original painting, entitled "Under Their Protection." In collaboration with Gallery MAR, my local gallery here in Park City, we are donating the entire proceeds of the auction to help Save Bonanza Flats. This is 1,350 acres of critical alpine wilderness that we have an opportunity to save forever. If we can raise $13 million as a community, we can help the city of Park City buy this land and protect it.
photo JP Gendron, Mars Ramp Productions
Description of the Painting: "Under Their Protection" is a new, original encaustic painting by Park City-based artist, Bridgette Meinhold. The 25x40 inch painting features the dramatic features of the Bonanza Flats property and gives the sense of what it's like to enjoy the mountains during the winter. Meinhold's encaustic painting features beeswax mixed with damar resin in alternating layers with milk paint to create an atmospheric, 3D effect in a 2D space. The name of the painting, refers to the three peaks in the background, which serve as guardians for those in the valley. Likewise it references our act as stewards of the land to protect the mountains in return.
photo JP Gendron, Mars Ramp Productions
As a resident of Brighton Estates, a neighborhood located adjacent to the Bonanza Flats property, I am deeply connected to this land. I am doing everything I can to help save this special place and keep it wild. If you are interested in purchasing this painting and helping save open space, please contact Gallery MAR. The gallery is located at 436 Main Street, Park City, UT or you can call them at 435-649-3001. The starting bid for this painting is $3,800 and opens on February 7th, 2017. 
"Under Their Protection"
"Under Their Protection" Behind Meinhold's Studio in Brighton Estates
Detail of "Under Their Protection"
photo JP Gendron, Mars Ramp Productions, with Bonanza Flats in background
photo JP Gendron, Mars Ramp Productions
For more information about the effort to save the open space and to make a tax deductible donation please go to To inquire about purchasing this painting, please contact Gallery MAR.
Inspired by snowy weekend at Sundance Resort as a Guest Artist, I created this little watercolor painting in my sketchbook. Now that I've figured out a technique to paint pines heavy ladden with snow, it's been a delight to create them whenever I can. And Mt. Timpanogos covered in fog and snow is always an inspiration!
I am so pleased to be invited by Sundance to be one of their guest artists. This last weekend we traveled south about an hour to the beautiful mountain resort. Home to a delightful ski resort, beautiful vistas and the the most charging hotel and restaurants ever, Sundance is one of my favorite places ever. If it wasn't being protected already by Robert Redford, it would deserve to be a National Park. While there for the weekend, I was happy to demonstrate my encaustic technique and to show off some of my art. I currently have 9 paintings on display in the Art Studio and Gallery at the Resort and you can view them there until February 22nd! Please stop in and check them out and take an art class while you're there!

21 x 15 in; February 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Sundance Resort
"Common Dream"
16 x 20 in; February 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Sundance Resort

Just another normal day at work - transporting new paintings into Gallery MAR via snowmobile. In a snowstorm of course. Here, I'm transporting two paintings, which are each wrapped in a blanket and then strapped into our trusty toboggan. I snowmobile them about one mile from my studio out to my car, and then drive them to the gallery. 

17 x 17 in; February 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Sundance Resort
"Stand Up"
17 x 17 in; February 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
AVAILABLE at Sundance Resort
Exciting news for 2017, I now have new representation with Bolam Gallery in Truckee, CA. I have been watching this Tahoe gallery for a couple of years now and made a connection with them earlier this month. As fate would have it, the two owners were also watching me and we all couldn't be more excited to have this new relationship. Bolam Gallery is an awesome gallery in the hopping historic town of Truckee, CA on the north side of Lake Tahoe and right off I-80. They specialize in modern, western art and I'm thrilled to have my work hung alongside of so many talented artists, including friends Maura Allen and Ron Russon.

We recently dropped off seven new paintings to the California gallery including some work from this past year and two new paintings completed especially to capture the spirit of the Tahoe region. Matt and I were able to spend some time with the owners, Andrew Bolam and Annie Hooker, and we hit it off spectacularly. It's amazing to not only meet and work with talented folks, but its even better to feel as though they are friends. So if you are in the Tahoe area, be sure to stop off at Bolam Gallery and say hi to Andrew and Annie and to check out my newest paintings. Bolam Gallery is 10396 Donner Pass Road and is open from 11-5 daily.

I have new representation in Truckee, CA and we are enroute to drop off 7 paintings to Bolam Gallery. Super excited to have representation out in the Tahoe area - because let's be frank, it's awesome out here and now I have another reason to play in these mountains. This is one of my newest paintings - "In It Together," and it's 20x40 inches with a reclaimed barn wood frame made by my talented husband. For more info contact Bolam Gallery. I'm still playing with the theme from my November Show, Under the Same Sky, how we all share this beautiful planet and we are in it together to make grand, beautiful lives.
"Under Their Protection"
25 x 40 in; January 2017

We now have once in a lifetime chance to save Bonanza Flats from being developed into a luxury resort and instead turn it into open space for all of us to enjoy forever. If you're not familiar with the campaign to save the 1,350 acres just outside of Park City and directly adjacent to my neighborhood of Brighton Estates, please read more about it here: Save Bonanza Flats. You can also read more through the Salt Lake Tribune and the Park Record.
In the November 2016 election, the city of Park City bonded for $25 million to purchase the parcel as open space and has agreed to buy the land from Redus LLC, a Wells Fargo subsidiary, for $38 million. Park City is working along with Utah Open Lands to raise the additional $13 million to finish the purchase. We must raise that money soon and Park City has an initial deadline of March 15th to continue with the purchase agreement.
Protecting Bonanza Flats as open space will do a number of things for us as a community. First, it will maintain the quality of this valley and stop development - no major construction project, no giant hotel, it will protect the wildlife, maintain water quality, and preserve this beautiful valley we all love. Second, much of the land we currently recreate on is technically private land - so if you have ever backcountry skied, gone hiking to Bloods Lake, taken walked among the aspens as they changed colors in the fall, you were trespassing. Once it is made into open space we can hike, ski and move about on it without trespassing. Third, saving this land helps preserve water quality for Wasatch and Salt Lake Counties. Pine Creek, which is the very top of the Pine Creek drainage, feeds into Deer Creek Reservoir and from there some of that water is taken out and transported via the Salt Lake Aqueduct into Millcreek. By protecting our valley, we protect the watershed for the Salt Lake Valley.
There are three easy things we need help with to save this beautiful piece of land - contacting county representatives, raising funds, and spreading the word.
1. We need to contact all of the surrounding county and government officials to tell them we support Bonanza Flats and we think their county government should support it and provide funds to the cause. If we can get Summit County, Salt Lake County and Wasatch County to fund a good chunk of the money, we are far more likely to succeed in this endeavor. This week - please email or call ALL of the surrounding county officials to get them to act quickly. Contact all these representatives that aren't from your city or your county too. This is the most important thing you can do to help save Bonanza Flats. Here is a sample email:
Dear Representative, I strongly support the open space purchase and preservation of Bonanza Flats in Wasatch County. I ask that you support the protection of the 1,350 acres of Bonanza Flats and contribute funds towards the purchase of this beautiful piece of land. This area is critical for wildlife, watershed, and ecology. Many people in my community and surrounding areas support this effort to make more open space. Please donate county funds for this effort through Utah Open Lands and support Park City's purchase of the parcel. To learn more go here: Thank you.
To contact County Officials, use these email addresses and copy them directly into your To field in your email:
Cottonwood Heights Council,,,,
Salt Lake County Council,,,,,,,,,
Salt Lake City Council,,,,,,,,
Sandy Officials,,,,,,
Summit County Council,,,,,,
Wasatch County Officials,,,,,,,
2. After you contact your representatives, please donate to the cause. You can donate money through the Utah Open Lands Save Bonanza Flats website. Any amount will help, but please consider this as one of your sizable donations for the year. Remember this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to save this property from being developed. If we can raise the funds and buy the land by March 15th, it will be protected FOREVER.
3. Spread the word! The more information we can get out about this effort, the faster we can raise the money and make sure the land is protected. Follow Utah Open Lands on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Tell your friends, your family, and your neighbors about this. Please forward this letter to others - ask them to contact our representatives and share as much as you can on social media. In order to protect this land, we must act quickly.
Thank you so much for your time, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact your representatives this week! And please share this post!

"Shared Space"
24 x 24 in; January 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint
"In It Together"
20 x 40 in; January 2017
Encaustic + Milk Paint

We went for a tour up Mill B in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This was our first time up there, so we had no idea what the approach or the skiing would be like. Maybe not the best pow turns ever, but it was a glorious day above the inversion and we picked a nice lunch spot above Lake Blanche. And I had time to do a quick painting of Dromedary Peak in the sketchbook.

We've had over 10 feet of snow in the last week - I don't know if it's really a record, but it feels like it. Usually we have to dig down to the studio anyways, but maybe near the end of the season, like in March - not the beginning of January. We have been skiing and shoveling a lot - it's called the snow gym and we are getting fit. Don't worry though, the studio is now accessible.
I worked on a lot of paintings this year. I'm not gonna lie, they don't all turn out like I hope. But this one, this one turned out better than I hoped. United is 30x18 inch encaustic and is available at Diane West Gallery in Durango, CO.
We dropped off some lots of new work to my gallery in Aspen - Vickers Collection. Always love this gallery right in the heart of downtown Aspen. I snapped this great picture of my work in the background almost right next to my dear friend, Nina Tichava, who also shows with me at Gallery MAR here in Park City. It makes me feel special to have my art hang next to really talented artists (and friends!)
Such dreamy skiing at Deer Valley this morning. The trees were cloaked in this cold, cold mist that made everything look completely out of focus, like you had just woken up and your eyes weren't totally working yet.
38 x 20 in; December 2016
Encaustic + Milk Paint

My sweet, adorable, hysterical Grandfather passed away recently. He lived a good, long life surrounded by an huge and awesome family. Although I did not live close to him and only got to see him maybe once a year, every time I visited my Grandma and Grandpa was a delight. I loved his dry, wry jokes; his shiny bald head; and his huge smile. I am lucky to have Grandparents that lived into their 90s and am so grateful for the time I did have with him. He taught me to appreciate the rain. He showed me how gratifying it is to make things with your own hands. He helped me appreciate polka music, the joys of retirement, and sipping wine out of small glasses. I know he is still with us in spirit, but I sure do hate that he's not here with us anymore. I'll miss his laughter most of all.

I painted these pines to remember him by.

"Stand Together"
38 x 20 in; December 2016
Encaustic + Milk Paint
15 x 22 in; December 2016
Encaustic + Milk Paint
Look at how gorgeous Strong & Steady looks in this house! Thank you to Gallery MAR and this wonderful family who bought this painting.